WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Here’s a WordPress SEO tutorial for beginners, step by step.

However, the most important thing you can do is to create content for readers first, and search engines second.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you some of the most important elements of SEO for WordPress.

We start by checking your page speed, if your website is slow then Google and other search engines won’t show your content the love it deserves.

Check your page speed here:

and here

Once you’ve got your page speed sorted out, we move onto installing the right plugin.

I’m going to use one called Yoast SEO, other ones are available, such as the All In One SEO plugin, but I find Yoast to have a slight edge.

You can get that here:

And connect it to Google Webmaster Tools:

Then I’m going to show you how to structure your content, for maximum results.

We need to use the right page headings.

The title always has a H1 tag, so we don’t need to worry about that.

But it’s a good idea to add some H2 tags to the page too. Keywords that are formatted with H2 tags let search engines, and readers, know what the content is about.

Then I’m going to show you how to name your images, and how to add an ‘alt’ tag to them, so search engines can easily identity them.

Finally, you’re going to see a live example of a WordPress page has been SEO’d, so you can see how easy it is to do for yourself.

The example is on the first page of Google search engine results page (SERPs), for a long tail key phrase.

But this SEO tutorial is just the beginning though and it’s something that I will return to again in the future, if you’ve found it useful.

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  1. Profit Copilot says:

    I hope you found this WordPress SEO tutorial for beginners useful. Let me know in the comments.

    Also, I forgot to mention caching plugins, when increasing your page speed – I will include that in the follow-up video, if you want me to continue teaching this kind of stuff.

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