Webinar: Getting to know Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free tool from Google that we often mention in our Google Analytics and SEO training.

Google Search Console is like a “health check” of your website in Google’s search engine, providing valuable information about:
• When your website is indexed
• Any crawl errors
• When your website appears in search results
• What keywords your website appears for in search results
and more.

In this webinar, Google scout Erica Stacey provides an overview of Google Search Console, and share some useful tips to enhance your online presence and digital marketing.

Specifically we look at:
• Setting up and verifying your website in Google Search Console
• Submitting an XML sitemap
• Crawl errors and manual actions
• Search queries

This webinar is ideal for:
• Marketers
• Small business owners
• Freelancers

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