Vancouver Local SEO – How to rank for local search terms?

How to plan your website for Local SEO in Vancouver?

In this video we talk about the 5 critical things you can do to position your brand for local search terms. Such as

__________ near me or
**location** SEO expert
SEO expert in **location** where “SEO expert” can be replaced with another service like plumber, electrician, property maintenance, etc
Your business showing up on Google Maps

To get your website to show up for a broader set of local search terms, these are the 5 things you need to do.

1. Register for Google My Business and Bing My Place
2. Add the address of your office in every page of your website. Preferably footer.
3. Add all the locations you serve on every page of your website. Preferably the footer.
4. Citations. Be part of your local community and local business networking events
5. Get local reviews and testimonials from clients and customers

The above 5 activities will help your to position your brand for local search terms. It will send a strong signal to search that you are operating locally and you do not need to rank for a global set of search terms.

Local SEO is not only for local business but it can also help for a broader reach.

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