Top 15 SEO Friendly Article Writing Tips [100% Effective]

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1. Write unique and original content: Don’t spin, rewrite or copy, good content length(1000 words min).
2. Focus on Readability: Human readble first, Search Enginge second.
3. A good SEO title tag: Title length, Don’t over optimise ( Buy Watch, Best Watch, Cheap Watch, Watch for Sale), Unique title for each page & put keywords first.
4. A SEO meta description: Meta description lenghth, Don’t over optimise ( Buy Watch, Best Watch, Cheap Watch, Watch for Sale), Unique meta tag for each page & put keywords 2 times.
5. Define a SEO-Friendly URL: Avoid ugly URLs( ), Avoid Long URLs ( ’t-even-think-about-writing-your-site-url-longer-than-this-one), Focus your keyword in URL ().
6. Keyword density limit: Don’t over optimise using increase keyword density, keyword density should be 1-3%.
7. Main Keyword length: Main Keyword length should be 4 words for better SEO but you can use maximum 7 words.
8. Previously used Keyword: Don’t use same keyword multiple times in same website.
9. Use Headings: Use H1-H6 tag, Each heading shoud be unique.
10. Use Paragraphs: Use Paragraphs or p tag for contant.
11.Use signal words: first of all, secondly, finally, surely, indeed, Therefore, In other words, However, For instance, Above all, In addition, After that, Similarly & In conclusion.
12. Enough Inbound/Outbound link: use Inbound link with previous content, use outbound link for authority link.
13. Image Optimization: Use low size images, use alt tag, unique images.
14. Make sure all device-friendly: mobile, tab, laptop & desktop friendly.
15. Use active voice: Always try to write in active voice. Passive voice is not good for SEO.
16. Display the author: Display the author name and bio for each author.

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