The Ultimate Guide To Etsy Search— Stop the Etsy SEO Freakout!

Everyone’s having a freakout about the “new” guide to etsy search, but it’s nothing new! The only new part that hasn’t been verified over the past two years is the part about shipping playing a (very small) part in the placement formula.

Other than that, the guide is just a roundup of the things that Etsy’s been saying and doing already. If you’ve been following my channel you’re not going to learn anything new from the guide. In this video I give you a few pieces of info from one to two years ago that show that this isn’t anything new and you shouldn’t be worried!

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  1. Cordialgreetings _ says:

    Etsy loves freaking people out. You rock, Kara!

  2. Angela Baele says:

    Thank you Kara, Love love love following you. You’re the best :))

  3. Kim H. says:

    Kara, I have a question please. So they recommend NOT repeating a word in the title, however it’s also recommended to use terms exactly as buyers would use them to search. So if you sell those red boots and can be found with RED BOOTS and/or RED LEATHER BOOTS, how are you supposed to write a title that doesn’t repeat itself and yet still can be found both ways with those popular applicable search terms?

    • Kim H. says:

      And thank you for your time ❤️

    • Kim H. says:

      I don’t understand them sometimes LOL. They want people to stop writing titles like that but the best way to be found IS to keep using all the phrases like that which a buyer would use? Sigh.

      I sell handmade cards. Guess how many popular search terms are close to the same thing LOL.

    • Kara Buntin says:

      If both of them are good terms, repeat it! It’s not the end of the world. You just don’t HAVE to repeat words, and they’re trying to get people to stop doing titles like “red boots, leather boots, women’s boots, rain boots”

  4. Irit Avraham says:

    Thank you !!

  5. Markintosh Design says:

    :)) People love to freak out:)) This is why horror movies so popular:)

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