The Best Google SEO Tricks for 2020

Getting your pages to rank in Google Search used to be easy. If you are wondering how to rank in Google in 2020, in this seo tutorial video Eric Siu shares some of his favorite seo techniques that some of the best companies are using to rank their top pages for search.

One of the most powerful tools you can use is Google Search Console – and it’s free. If you want to grow website traffic, nothing can be more powerful than getting your pages to rank higher in Google. Part of what goes in to ranking in Google is understanding on page SEO and how SERP can work to your advantage.
In this video we’ll also go over what is changing in SEO and how you can be prepared for what is next for SEO as well as general growth hacks for 2020. Tune in to our channel for more on online marketing and other videos on marketing tactics.

Hopefully when someone asks you “what is SEO?” you’ll be able to give them a great answer after watching a few of our videos.

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  1. Eric Siu - Leveling up says:

    What do you think about the future of SEO? Let us know in the comments!

  2. Hacking Hollywood says:

    Watching this video makes me realize how much I am a fish out of water when it comes to Marketing. I’ve got a video background and am trying to study to be better rounded. Do you have a playlist or suggestion for “Marketing for dummies”? I’d love to see an overview, pie chart etc of what marketing consists of, and how much time I should dedicate to learning (or hiring people) for each section 🙂 Hope that makes sense, and keep doing what you do Eric!

    • Eric Siu - Leveling up says:

      Fantastic Idea! We will curate something around this topic, but for now, it might be good to start with this playlist:
      Next week we’ll have a beginner’s guide to SEO coming out on Tuesdays – Next in that series might be the guide to digital marketing 🙂
      Appreciate the feedback, and your enthusiasm!

  3. Coltrane Kubo says:

    Hey Eric,
    Absolutely love the DoorDash case study that you included as bonus content! You really go above and beyond in walking the viewer through your mindsets of optimizing CTR by pushing for the top 3 spots in Google keyword rankings. I don’t know what sort of content the rest of your audience prefers, but I think you do an extraordinary job using software walkthroughs to explain your marketing principles. I hope you continue to produce that sort of content, as it seems like a great way to combine actionable tactics with the higher-level strategies that you’ve developed. Also, your presentation, although normally strong, is world-class in that segment. Awesome video, and best wishes.

    • Eric Siu - Leveling up says:

      Wow thank you so much for the insightful feedback. It’s really important to hear what type of format everyone enjoys watching. We’ll be sure to have some more of this type of content in the future as well.

  4. Tobe Brockner says:

    Those are helpful tools that you mentioned. Shocked that this video is not getting more views than it deserve. Kudos, Eric!

    • Eric Siu - Leveling up says:

      You got it Tobe! Thank you for tuning in! Leaving comments and sharing helps us immensely and we appreciate it!

  5. James Scott says:

    Excellent. Some deadly tools mentioned. Cheers Eric 👍

    • James Scott says:

      Eric Siu – Leveling up just read Brian Deans post about organic CTR thanks to your data. I was surprised “power words” (that all the gurus tell us to use) actually have a negative effect 🤔

    • Eric Siu - Leveling up says:

      Time to slay those search dragons with these deadly tools! Thanks James!

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