Step-by-step SEO free video tutorial on How to Write a Book Blurb for a Google Search

7-Step SEO Training on How to Write a Book Blurb for Online Marketing

Step 3: Google suggests & Google’s Searches Related to

Google suggests and Google’s searches related to is your next keyword research tool. The Google search bar autocompletes keyword phrases, it adds log tail keyword phrases to the keyword you have searched. Those are the keywords most people are searching for at that time. This is an easily used Google keyword tool. If you’ve written a travel book on your adventures to do before you die have a look at what keyword phrases related to travel and adventure people are most commonly searching for at the moment by typing ‘travel’ and ‘adventure’ into the Google search bar. Google will autocomplete that keyword for you with what’s most searched now.

You can also run through the alphabet: type: ‘travel a’ and Google will autocomplete the phrase with long tail keyword phrases starting with ‘a’.

Keyword research takes time but so did your book and you want to maximise it’s online visibility by writing the best book blurb possible, so run through your top keyword phrases related to your book in Google suggests from a-z and note down all those keywords that people are searching in varying volumes.

Look at the bottom of a Google search results’ page, you’ll find Google’s searches related to. Thos are also all keyword phrases related to your keyword that people are searching for. Add them to your mater keyword list, if they are relevant.

Go to and download the Free Tutorial and follow while watching the accompanying video tutorials.

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