SEO Tips For Beginners: What Is Keyword Research?

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Learn how to do keyword research for youtube here (works on google as well):

How to use the Google Keyword Planner:

SEO Tips For Beginners: What Is Keyword Research?

What is a keyword?

A “keyword” is a word or phrase that is typed into the search engine

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the ability to brainstorm & find profitable search phrases that people are typing into the search engines.
Tools like the Google Keyword Planner are used to help you brainstorm keyword ideas within your niche along with their search volume.

Long tail keywords vs Short tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords – Keywords that typically have 5 or more keywords in the search phrase:
A. More targeted
B. Less competition
C. Examples – “online businesses for stay at home
moms” “how to train your dog to stop barking” “how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks”
Short Tail Keywords – Keywords that have less than 6 keywords in the search phrase:
A. Less targeted
B. More ambiguous (could have more than one
C. More Competition



  1. Affiliate Influencer says:

    Thank you josh very important thanks a lot

  2. imran lion says:

    Hi josh how do you compress your videos without losing quality they are very small size but Hd

  3. Angel Vazquez says:

    Good content Joshua, but I’m curious about that 6 part case study you did. in video 1 you said you would stop after it made money. I do understand that what you were showing us takes A LOT of your time but maybe after making a disclaimer after video 6 that you will hire someone to specifically continue to make posts/comments in the forums/FB groups to see how long an income, however modest, is generated. Just curious.

    • Joshua Elder says:

      the formula is there, go take action Angel and don’t wait on others for proof. Proof starts in the mind my friend

  4. Mt Davis says:

    Thanks very much Josh, if theres even been one thing I get stuck on is the whole “Keyword” thing, I know it’s not rocket science, however, there is alot more to it than on the surface, I think its probley one of the most overlooked subjects when one starts IM,please keep this subject coming.

  5. Brad Gudim says:

    Thanks Josh. So it appears It’s really really really important to understand the psychology of the buyer and where they are in the buy cycle.

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