SEO Tips – 5 Tips For Ranking Videos On YouTube : SEO Tutorial For Beginners

Learn SEO Tips Step By Step in This SEO Tutorial for Beginners and Grow YouTube Channel Fast. Rank Videos To Get Organic Views In Few Simple Steps. SEO Training Tutorials

5 Tips For Ranking Videos On YouTube are

⚫ SEO Tips 1. Make longer Videos

If you want to rank your videos and want to grow your youtube channel fast then make videos more then 10 minutes. Because it will gives you more watch time and youtube loves watch time.If your video watch time is more and more youtube itself suggest your videos to viewers.

⚫ SEO Tips 2. First 15 Seconds

According to SEO Training, The first 15 seconds of your videos are very impotent. Add interesting things in first 15 seconds to get more watch time.

⚫ SEO Tips 3. Keywords In Video Title

Add High Search Volume Tags in start of your video title. The best practice of SEO.

πŸ‘ My Best Keyword Tool

– Keyword Finder : Keyword Everywhere

⚫ SEO Tips 4. Say Your Targeted Keywords

Now youtube can listen your videos with different algorithms, So you have to say your keywords in your videos

⚫ SEO Tips 5. Subscribe + Like

Ask your visitors to like and subscribe your videos to build a huge community.

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