SEO / Search Engine Optimization Services by BANG!

If you build a beautiful website and no one ever sees it, does it really exist?
Yes, it’s out there, but it’s not increasing revenue for your business.
Bang! Web Site Design incorporates an SEO strategy into new and existing sites to increase visibility and improve search rankings, which in turn, means more sales for our clients.
We’ve been around longer than Google, and we understand and monitor the trends and changing requirements for staying at the top of search rankings. Building an SEO strategy for your website just makes sense. Then, incorporating an ongoing plan to keep your site at the top of the search results will turn your site into a powerful online marketing tool.
Our SEO reporting allows our clients to see exactly what we’re doing to improve their visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing! We report on tasks performed, new backlinks acquired, and most importantly where you stand in the search results. Completely transparent, no snake oil. We make it easy for customers who are searching for your product or service, to find you.
Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to improve the rankings of your existing website, let us put our proven SEO expertise to work for your business.

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