SEO Interview Questions | What is CF & TF ?

What is Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF)?
Citation Flow

Citation Flow(CF) refers to the popularity of links rather than the quality of links.

The websites who have more lots of links those websites have good citation flow.

If more links pointing to your website then the more influencer it is.

If trust flow increases then citation flow will also increase but it’s not necessary that citation flow in increasing that’s means trust flow is also increasing.
Trust Flow

Trust Flow(TF) is calculated by the quality of your website’s links.

If links pointing to your website then your TF will increase in a qualitative manner.

Building a good TF is harder than building a citation flow.

So, building CF is easy rather than TF because there are lots of links but not all of them are relevant.

TF cannot overtake citation flow, because there is less chance to get higher quality backlinks.

So, it seems like that there is a direct correlation between CF and TF.

High TF will help you to rank your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Good TF is a clear sign of best quality content to search engine.
The ratio between CF and TF

If a site has a CF of 80 and TF of 40 then the ratio is 2:1.

If the trust flow is lesser than the citation flow, then it is clear that the site is having low-quality amounts of backlinks.
How to increases TF?

Giving 1000 of backlinks vs one authoritative backlink is effective.
Gest posting.
Internal linking.
Government (.gov) and educational (.edu) websites have better TF use those websites for backlinking.
You can also use no follow link but it will increase your citation flow.

So, trust flow and citation flow are correlated with each other.

Citation flow measures the number of backlinks pointing towards our website and trust flow measure the quality of backlinks pointing towards our website.

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