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SEO Hunter

Mo Taqi’s Local SEO Hunter
SEO Hunter – New App Gets You $500-1000 clients
If you would like to see nice big checks coming to your mail box
every single month, you are in for a treat.
Local SEO Hunter has just went live and this is the app that will help
you profit from 85% of local businesses struggling with generating
Watch it in action here and see how this helps you make some of the
most easiest commissions you have ever made as a local marketing
Look, 85% of the local business owners have a website.
What they do not have is the knowledge about website
These local business owners want to generate more traffic but that can
not happen if their websites are
not properly optimised.
You can help them do that with this app while profiting like crazy!
Here is how Local SEO Hunter helps you:
First, this works with any website in the world.
Then with just a click, you can generate a thorough and detailed
website analysis/website audit
listing all the potential issues and problems that need to be addressed.
This report gets client’s attention instantly and they come back
running to you asking you to fix these issues – then it is entirely up to
you to charge as much as you want!
This is a business model that has time and time again been proven to
So if you never could profit as a local marketing consultant before,
give this an honest try and you might get your first paid client as soon
as today.
Just think about it, what local business in the world wouldn’t like the
prospect of getting more visitors and more business.
Go here to get in now while they have opened up the doors with a
huge early bird discount
PS: Make sure you check the upgrade as this is going to make your
entire job even more easier.

Mo Taqi’s Local SEO Hunter

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