Seo For Newbies 5 – The Arizona and Episode

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In this episode, we review how to pick the right keywords for your new article page, some interesting stuff in regards to how to get content written and a bunch of other SEO secrets.

Keyword research
How to find profitable keywords
How to get more traffic to your website

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  1. Ocasio Consulting says:

    I am hooked! Bring on the filthy! When is Jazzy going to be back on?

  2. Quantum Field says:

    So in summary, Bright Local and Local Viking are subscription services that offer GMB SEO statistics integration… with metrics such as Reputation Rank, SEO, etc.. is more of a post scheduler for social media but does include being able to post to GMB… two different types of programs.

  3. Darrin Marion says:

    That guy Darrin…. He’s a badass.

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