SEO Experts Training in urdu/hindi Lecture 04 / SEO training-seo for beginners:(training for 2018)

Lecture # 004

Payment Methods

Master Card / Debit Card – Create a Free Account

PayPal Account?
Premier Account / Business Account

Bank Account
Account Type: Current Account
Standard Charter / Bank Alfalah / UBL Bank

Other Solutions
UBL Wiz Card for Internet – 2-3 days
MCB Lite Card – Free Account through SMS


Domain Types – Brand Domain

2 Types
1) Brand Domain –
2) EMD(Exact Match Domain) : Make Money Online –, .net, .org
3) PMD(Partial Match Domain) : Make Money Online –,

Extentions: .com, .net, .org, info, .biz
New: .io, .xyz


Keyword Research For Google Adsense

Assignment # 2 part-2

30 Winning Keywords
Keyword Type: LongTail Keywords
Searches: 3000+
CPC: $1+
Advertiser Competition: High/Medium/Low
Keyword Competition: 25 or less than 25
Pagelinks: None of the Competitor should have pagelinks or backlinks more than 1000 and 2-3 competitors should have pagelinks less than 10

1- LongTail Pro – $49, $30/Month
2- Majestic SEO – $79/Month
3- Moz PRO – $69/Month


SEO training – seo training lecture 3 by ali raza – in urdu/hindi.

Online SEO Training in Hindi with 2+ years of hands on experience and well known in SEO industry Suresh Bursu – SEO Expert, Consultant and Trainer in India
SEO Training Course for online skype Classes
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seo training courses (this training is only for urdu hindi speakers) if you’re interested in these questions so watch this training cause i’ve explained everything in very depth.

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