Merch by Amazon Listing Tutorial – Keywords & SEO Guide

Struggling to write your listing? Brand, bullet points, title or description… Today we cover listing optimization!

Keep in mind the more angles you can think of about who would buy your shirt the better! I would actually include the keywords “ninja costume party” or “ninja themed outfit” because I can imagine the shirt being bought for that occasion.

Also remember, avoid keyword stuffing. Eventually it will not be tolerated, and if you look at the content policy it is not allowed.

Shoot me any questions in the comments below.

Godspeed ⚡️


For more Merch by Amazon beginner tutorials & guides for 2018, check out my other videos! Topics include design, keyword research, keywords, researching trends, seo ranking, search engine optimization, listing construction, Merch Informer, and so muuuuuch more the list goes on. This channel is meant mainly for beginners under Tier 2000 (but all are welcome).


  1. Md Atikur Rahman Omi Raj says:

    you use tmhuhnt malty search option … its ok ? do not Split Search option ? ?

  2. Sajid Mahmud says:

    Amazing stuff man, Love your work. Would like to know how do you make your designs. Requesting an episode on it.

  3. S Win says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, I really appreciate it!
    👍👍👍 Definitely learned some new approaches, as well as the purpose for the various strategies, which makes it more clear to implement into the listings. Btw, cool design, and thanks for providing the “Related Words” site!👌 Thanks Again!

  4. Eric Rosner says:


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