Local SEO – How to hit the N#1 spot in GOOGLE MAPS with one scary hack (2019)

Local SEO is a tricky business. Ranking high on Google maps is what everyone wants, but unfortunately, there is only room for 3 in the Google snack pack.

Competition is so fierce that some local businesses use dirty tactics to gain an unfair advantage to rank higher in the Google 3 pack.

In this video, I am going to show you one local SEO tips to fight against dirty competitors so your business can rank higher in Google maps in 2019.

You will learn how to identify which ones are spamming the maps and eliminate them in just a few minutes.

I will also show you the process I use so i can target higher local rankings at scale using one free tool.

Resources mentioned in this video:

Examples of How Well Spammy Business Names Help Google Local Rankings

Local Falcon: Local Rank Tracking For Google Maps:

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  1. Sean James says:

    I find this fascinating and very eye-opening. Thank you, Luc, for another great video!

  2. eden powell says:

    don’t agree with any.. it’s telling on the competitors.. all Google tactics are against Google tos.. this will cause a back lash . you will start getting spam reviews and tgese people will return the dirty tactics.. please change the title to grass up your competitors

    • Ranking Academy says:

      Hi Eden, I understand where you are coming from and this is entirely your choice but Google is notoriously bad at tackling spammers. So it’s either, you let your competitors spam the results while you are following the guidelines and you will fall behind, or you spam your own business name so you are on a level playing field. Google is actually encouraging local map suggestions for local businesses and that’s why they have launched their Google Local Guide program and also the reason why you are able to suggest edits. This is a completely legitimate practice and helps make Google results as accurate as possible which is what Google strives for. It is also beneficial to the customers who don’t end up booking services with rogue traders and local businesses. It’s just business in the most ethical way

  3. ah med says:

    😍😍 Good as always

    Happy New Year

  4. RJ2018 Acc says:

    Thank you – can this maybe effect your business negatively if competitors try to hurt your rankings – what can you do to maybe repair it if someone updated your business incorrectly with the sole purpose to harm your business?

  5. Guiderock Gaming says:

    Love the thumbnail😂

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