Keyword Research Tutorial For Beginners

In this keyword research tutorial for beginners we will cover how to do keyword research for your niche. The step by step process of SEO keyword analysis. This beginners training guide for 2019 I show you step by step to insure a complete understanding of keyword research and the tools needed to perform proper keyword analysis.

What is covered in this keyword tutorial for SEO:

I will give you step by step instructions on how to find the top ranking pages.

Then we will find the top five pages for a certain lead topic for your SEO campaign.

After that we will cover how to use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, or even Moz to extract the winning organic ranking keywords and the difficulty score of those keywords by using a keyword research tool or even keyword research tools.

Then I guide you through the process of narrowing down and extracting the keywords to a spreadsheet.

Moving right along how we can go right into how to separate the list of organic ranking keywords into separate categories to make it easier for a beginner to find keywords to target.

This is a beginners guide to keyword research so there are two phases of this video the presentation and also the live step by stet tutorial and it is aimed at beginners.

If you need any help with this SEO tutorial please leave a comment below asking any questions I would be happy to help you with your research or even keyword research tools to choose for your upcoming 2020 project.

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  2. Norwall says:

    killed this vid fam!! stay on the grind. Loving these tutorials.

    • CHRIS PALMER SEO says:

      Thank you , for the words of encouragement😎
      And I will grind this out.
      Any topics that you need help with let me know I am happy to help. 👈

  3. Hans says:

    Very informative. Looking forward to another live session!

    • CHRIS PALMER SEO says:

      Yes finishing up a site sale and I will have more time. Glad you enjoy the live I will do 100 SEO SMM questions next live 🙂

  4. Kevin A. says:

    Chris #ninja seo that was super useful. Well explained and delivered

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