Is This The Best SEO Hack of 2019? (probably)

Once you have watched this video you are going to be breaking my arm off to get the free tool that is helping me to-

✔️ Instantly increase search visibility
✔️ Win double listings on the same page
✔️ And gently push rankings upwards

All in less than 5 minutes of work with near real time results in Google.

Don’t believe me?

Well just watch the video now and I guarantee you will stop everything you are doing to implement it immediately. It is crazy easy to do and and the results are fantastic.



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  1. shaun baird says:

    Can you predict a Google penalty for including this (Only saying this as I can see spammers using this widely).

  2. DigiManako says:

    Thanks Matthew. you nailed it. You shuld Give name to this technique like skycraper etc. Now
    I am going to lan on your blog ” My go to blog”. You always come up with something new. Hatss of
    Matthew Woordman – The legendary SEO

    • DigiManako says:

      @Matthew Woodward Okay but I will wait for your Technique. Technique developed by Matthew Woodward.

    • Matthew Woodward says:

      I didn’t create or invent this. FAQ schema is nothing new, it’s been widely reported for a long time BUT what is new is that when I originally tested it there results weren’t there – but now, now is a different story.

  3. Affiliate Heist says:

    But you are just lowering your CTR from Google as people will have their answer without the need to click!!! This is why G will give you a few extra positions on page 1

    • Matthew Woodward says:

      In my opinion (with my copywriting hat on) this gives you more opportunities to hook people in. It depends how you approach the opportunity. Plus let me ask you this – would you rather you had control of the faq listing on page 1 or your competitor?

    • Rich Priebe Jr. says:

      you’re also pushing down the results below you as well.

  4. Fazla Alahi says:

    I love the action

  5. Michael Bebbington says:

    Cool Matthew

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