I Stole Neil Patel’s Entire 2019 SEO Strategy [Strategy Revealed]

In this video, I share a cool way Neil has recently been using tools to rank for SEO keywords.

So what did I do? I figured I would try it out myself!

Check out the tool here:


  1. Mikhail Nasa says:

    You are really next level man

  2. Maurice Pahlow says:

    Great Tool Ruan! But it won’t work for Germany 🙁 Could you make it available for Germany as well?

  3. Gonçalo Botelho says:

    Great tool Ruan! It would be even better if we could choose the country in the options.

  4. irimia1234 says:

    Neil patel never created anything in his life. His is just a rehasher …Why the hell would you say he created….

    • irimia1234 says:

      @Jaaiz I was saying that him or his company never created shit. He steals stuff/ strategies and presents them as his own. Just read some shit blogs of his about seo…he is behind others and instead of giving credit he just stays quiet…like a mouse that he is…

    • Jaaiz says:

      What of if he hire developers and pay them and tell them what he needed to achieve. Who created it then?

  5. Marc Moeller says:

    You are bringing it to the next level brother! Props. True Hustler!

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