How To Sell Websites & SEO Services To Small Businesses [B2B Sales Process]

This weekend, I had the opportunity to teach a small group of people our companies processes and sales cycle.

One of our attendee’s William Hunter, recorded this small clip so I decided to upload it into YouTube and play it back to share with those who follow me

This video covers our digital marketing process when it comes to sales and I feel it is super valuable for anyone who may be selling digital products and services

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  1. Ivor Fernandes says:

    Hey Ruan, Thank you for giving up this paid information on how to sell to warm prospects. How to get the right prospects who are ready for SEO and leads because they are positioned for it and have the ability to pay for it. The initial phone call to introduce yourself further and ask them about their business (5-10 min.). Ready to set the 1-hour discovery appointment. Ask them questions to understand where they are in their business and measure their pain points. 95% listening and taking notes. 5% offering questions for responses. Use open-ended question with no yes/no answers. Use “What else …?” No solutions at this point. Provide understanding. Then, mention that you have enough understanding to take this information back to your team from today’s meeting. Schedule another meeting to present the solution plan in the meeting. The prospect now looks at your website and your name on the internet. Communicate within 24 hours an email with the breakdown of the prospects’ issues. In the second meeting, present slides with their issues and the solutions (1-3 hrs). Answer the prospects questions and get comfortable to close and ask for the business. Your solution completes their goals now and in the future. Ask what the resistance is and come to a middle ground if possible. Reduce the deliverables to accommodate their budget if there is resistance and ask for the business. Use an exit survey if the prospect is still objecting. There are always tire kickers that think they can use your presentation to fix it themselves. This means you have learned how not to fail the next time. A nice run-through of the sales process for a local business.

  2. GREEN GENIE SEO says:

    Good info Ruan

  3. Migrant mit Hintergrund says:

    Your branding is on point turned your business to a another level from last year.

  4. Mikelis Kalnins says:

    This made me rethink my sales process. Great content, Ruan!

  5. Viking2Go says:

    So that deck of slides is that something we could see? :p

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