How To Keyword Research For Mobile SEO – Mobile SEO Guide

SEO has its roots in keywords because keywords are how customers interact with search engines. However, Google continues to separate their desktop and mobile index and you will need to adopt new standards for keyword research on mobile devices.

Keyword research for desktop customers tend to focus on specific keywords to communicate a pages relevant on your site. Many desktop SEO strategies focus on formal longtail keywords, but this approach is not as important on mobile SEO since the methods differ on how your customer is search for your information on desktop versus mobile devices. You need to consider how their search query is will change as well.

Mobile consumers tend to use more informal search terms when using voice search, when typing in their tiny keyboard on their mobile devices online searchers tend to use short paragraphs to find online content to account for voice search and other variables.

You should incorporate more LSI keywords into your content and use more exact match questions throughout your content.

You can use these simple keyword research tips to get found on mobile devices today!

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