How to do SEO for solar energy company

SEO audit for solar energy enterprises. These are the issues I have covered during my SEO Audit.

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01:00 – Finding their top competitors based on their keywords.
08:00 – Tracking Tools
09:30 – User Experience issues
14:00 – Content related issues
16:30 – Technical Issues
27:35 – Page Level optimisation
31:15 – Click through rate (CTR) optimization
40:00 – Priority Checklist

★☆★ Summary★☆★

My thoughts on solar energy enterprises site need to have SSL and focus on contents and site structure.

I will suggest you focus on your website Schema Markup which helps Google bots to crawl your page also understand what is your page is about.Url structure should be user and bot friendly. The site needs to add SSL otherwise chrome will be shown website as a nonsecure website. Also, add a few relevant external links, internal linking is missing which also a very important factor to consider.

Finally, add informative blog articles which will increase your keyword search terms, and i have found that this will help in user engagement if the blog is relevant to the reader.

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