Google My Business Explained (2018 Google SEO Tutorials)

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What is it?

Google My Business is a way Google has allowed you to list your business as a location on Google. Think of it like the yellow pages. It’s important to note that you can only set-up a Google My Business page if you have a physical location or your business travels to customers.

How do I set it up?

Setting up a GMB is easy. You simply type in Google my business, find the link to set-up a page and then follow the prompts from there on out. One element that might be unusual to some is the verification process, which is Google calling your businesses phone number with a code, or getting mailed a verification code to your address.

Why is it good?

Google My Business is good for a number of different reasons.
It can lost you on google my maps, giving you another medium to find potential customers.

The listing feature allows you to provide your customers with information on the products and services you offer.
You have the ability to post limited time deals and offering to your customers.

The feature allows your business to be reviewed by customers of your business, allowing potential customers to see what is good, or what is bad about your business.

How does it affect my SEO?

Having a GMB listing will assist you in establishing your authority on a subject with Google. If Google has been scanning your website which has a focus on air-conditioning, and then sees that you are a business registered at an address, preferably with reviews from customers, than it will help you let Google know that you are a reliable source on the topic of air-conditioning.

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