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in this video you will learn about google update.
or Latest google announcement Google removes ability to preferred domain

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As we all know it is very usual for a website to have multiple URLs for same content and web page. For this earlier we had preferred domain ability option in site settings, but according to latest Google update it is no longer an option.
So to make things understandable and easier what we used to do is pick one preferred kind of URL as preferred one for multiple domains. One could state their preferences in number of ways as if you have a single page accessible with multiple URLs, then Google consider that as duplicity or plagiarism.
In order to deal with it we have many options like

• Canonical Tags
• Site Map
• 301 Redirection

But now the option is removed, to deal with it we have options for canonical Tags.
Let us suppose you have a website that opens using different domains, which are

If someone search on Google likewise, then all of these URLs open as one but Google consider them as different domains. So in Canonical you add a reference link in order to get one link address or extension. So when the website opens it is redirected to same domain.

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