Easiest Method To Price Marketing Services For SEO Clients in 2019


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  1. Phillip Swindall says:

    GREAT ADVICE! You started speaking the language of your clients and it has paid off! I learned a long time ago, it’s so much easier for ME to translate what I do for clients than it is for them to understand what I do for them

  2. Vijay Kumar says:

    Thanks for your great video. I am always big fan of you.

  3. joe black says:

    Do you know of any free call tracking tools?

  4. Eddie Walsh says:

    Hi Ruan Great information for us. We have been struggling with the retainer type model and as you said it does cause unsettled clients. We also feel that clients have a greatly exaggerated expectation level and it takes time to convince them of the amount of work and length of time involved before results start to emerge. I think the method of value-based pricing is a much more professional way of instructing the client beforehand on the scope of work and the length of time it could take. It will also help with the problem of project creep, where the client starts to add more and more for the same retainer level per month. We are definatley moving to your suggested method. Thanks again

  5. 24SevenMarketing says:

    I agree with you on the power of doing projects instead of monthly retainers. But as a new agency with little historical data on how ling different tasks will take how do I come up with the time estimates for doing different tasks? Also how do I determine what are REASONABLE hourly rates for the different services?

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