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– Getting Direct Sales/Clients: You’re probably thinking, “Can that really work?” And the reason you’re thinking that is because most people who do it, do it wrong! When done correctly, you CAN absolutely get direct sales and clients.

Link Building: Offering site owners in your niche a unique article that includes a single link to your site in the “about the author” section of the article. We’ve done this successfully to obtain hundreds of very high-quality links, that resulted in tons of first page rankings.

– Affiliate Recruitment: We had at least one client who had this idea and got tons of affiliates on board to promote his product just by sending a simple email telling relevant site owners about his product. Talk about a revenue booster.

– Site/Product Reviews: This is one of those techniques that has a tendency to produce multiple other benefits, outside of the primary intent.
“Hello, I’m reaching out because I just wrote a piece on “XYZ and wanted to get your thoughts, since you’re an expert in XYZ. What do you think?”
You can also offer a review copy of your product in exchange for a review (and tell them about your affiliate program of course!).

– Encouraging Social Media Sharing: “I saw the article on your site about XYZ and thought you might like this one. I’m going to share yours on our social media accounts and was wondering if you would do the same?”

– Getting Video Views: Again, this has multiple benefits. You get video views with the potential of having your video embedded on many sites, which will result in even MORE video views. You also start a dialogue with bloggers in your niche.

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