City Page SEO & Content Strategy

Today I’m excited to talk about the SEO and content strategy behind effective city pages.This is a topic that’s been requested a few times by members in our SEO Secrets Facebook group (find us and join!), so I wanted to get the conversation started with this episode.If you are interested in learning more about City Pages, check out this article here: pages are a powerful way to attract new customers to your website, increase phone calls, and get more appointments schedule from people who are searching for what you offer.Whether you are wanting to reach more customers in surrounding cities and markets, or you are wanting to target niche products and services in the city where you do business, city pages are the way to make it happen.City pages, when done right — and done right I mean the SEO and content of the city page — can open nearly unlimited doors for new customers to connect with your business.However, the content and SEO that powers the impact of your City Pages has to be done right.Let me know what you think about this new episode on City Pages SEO and content!Thank you againBobby

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