4 Important Differences Between Desktop And Mobile SEO – Mobile SEO Guide

The needs and preferences of your customers are changing. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then you need to optimize for mobile devices than there are differences that you should consider with mobile SEO is you optimize your content.

One, mobile searchers use different search intent. Search intent is often different on desktop versus a mobile phone.

Two, the differences between these devices to mobile search has different search signals due to the mindset and environment that mobile users are in. You can expect that mobile searchers will have a lower quality signal for each search.

Three, mobile search uses different ranking algorithms. As Google continues to focus their attention on local SEO and mobile devices you can be sure that the differences between desktop and mobile search results will continue to increase.

Four, mobile has different levels of engagement do the nature of the devices. Mobile searches are often highly engaged, but are less interested in scrolling through long pages.

Compare it to their desktop counterparts as times are changing. Your business needs to focus on how to position itself for your company’s mobile SEO today!
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