30 Minute Website Audit for SEO That YOU CAN DO For FREE

If You have 30 minutes and $0 you can still get a great idea of tactical changes you can make on your own to help your SEO using free tools.
Welcome to today’s learning module I’m so excited to dive in! !his is one of my favorite sep topics I’m going to be sharing with you what we look at in regards to competitive Intelligence online for your business and so I often times get emails from the team or from business owners who you know they automatically assume that’s the competitors within search engines are the same competitor as the competitors down the street or in your Market, local DMA, or either the 30-year relationship you’ve had in a market with a solid competitor when you look at your online competitors you really need to break down your your competition on each search engine. So what do you look like on Google my business what do you look like as far as referred traffic from other websites against your competitor and even if you have launched their website at the same time you’ve been in business the same amount of time it would be interesting to really dive in and proceed with the activity I’m about to show you because this is what I always do if I have in a roughly 15 minutes 20 minutes to dive in do a baseline audit and really be able to understand if somebody a business is actively watching and making tactical changes monthly based on what they’re seeing in their online business and I’m going to show you what I mean so.

When it comes to competitive intelligence I want to person or back up in and talk about just marketing marketing is the number one money making key in your business if you can get this right online the internet right now is a little bit like the Wild Wild West and if you want to just really be unbiased about it think about the browser that you’re utilizing right now are you using YouTube are you using Google Chrome Safari.

I mean Internet Explorer Bing think about what that browser is learning from the websites that you utilize daily and then think about with Google for years ago in cerning machine learning into the search engines with rankbrain go ahead and just Google rankbrain rank right now.

You’ll just be amazed by the data that shows up by but with this new intelligence when you do this 20-minute audit.

I think what I’d like for you to to understand is that everything that you see tactfully can be changed and you don’t usually I’m if you do have the software the only thing standing in the way is time and learning how to actually conduct that the maintenance around SEO and to prevent you from either dropping off these search engines or from hindering anything that could be going on on your website that could be causing you at to drop in the rankings so this this is.

Such an important piece to your online business because of the fact that marketing is a money maker right now because this is so new and you can do this Baseline audit essentially for free make the Tactical changes on your end with just time and education.

And there really are no Financial barriers other than some software pieces that are keeping you from making these changes and getting your presents in the right place to meet your audience where they are and to really outpace your competitors on whichever search engine you have an audience so I’m super excited to dive in I chose Braman Motors bmw.com you’re the lucky winner today.

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